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  • "Jay and his team of contractors are definitely above average. Their professionalism, cleanliness, advice was very much appreciated and was especially accommodating to add-ons without complaint. If there were delays Jay would be the one that would contact the sub trades and ensure the work was well done and made corrections as necessary. There is never a perfect renovation, but true customer service that Jay provides mitigates those renovations challenges as they come up. Jay also was able to do a difficult bathroom renovation with and installed a large shower/tub/steam unit that required atypical electrical and plumbing. Especially happy with the cabinet company that he works with a fast and excellent quality of work. I would definitely recommend Golden Acre Renovations to others considering a renovation."

    Dan Marchand
  • "We were most impressed with Golden Acre Renovations during our total home renovation. Jay met or exceeded all of our expectations. While the cost of the project was important, it was also the level of comfort and professionalism with his entire team that made the experience an overall success. We were delighted that the projected timeframe of the renovation was completed prior to the estimated scheduled date. We were also able to make reasonable changes to the design concept throughout the construction. Furthermore, Jay was quick to respond to any of the concerns or surprises that arose during the renovation process. We would certainly recommend Jay to anyone looking for a reliable and trustworthy general contractor."

    Myrna & Werner Slozka
  • "Golden Acre turned our typical suburban house into a wonderful, modern home. Jay Doty and his team of subcontractors worked well with our design team prior to and throughout the renovation. Golden Acre's subcontractors were a great help in helping us understand all their work scopes as well as (in numerous occasions) helped us reduce costs and stay practical while maintaining the high level of quality we demanded. We also upgraded a number of features (such as lighting, some bathroom items) using Jay's recommendations while staying within our budget plan. We used Golden Acre's suppliers for the bulk of our materials without any reservations. Some of our flooring requirements were supplied by alternative vendor as the material was not available elsewhere. We appreciated that Jay and his team was able to work outside of his normal vendor selection without complaint or additional challenges. Prestige's cabinetry work always get our home compliments from visitors. Golden Acre delivered a full home renovation on time and within our budget. Due to the needs of our children, Jay was pressed to complete the work in a firm time frame. The home was delivered within one week of our commitment date made prior to any work. This more than reasonable completion time kept us from exceeding our budget and negatively affecting our family life as we moved out to rental accommodations during the project. We only had 1-2 unplanned costs arise during the project. We were able to manage these as Jay had prepared us ahead of time as some unknown issues when we started (condition of sub-floor etc. - which had to be replaced). To be honest, we added a number of features we had never thought of during the project. Jay helped us keep us grounded and not get off track. In the subsequent year since our renovation, Jay has always been available to discuss and rectify any concerns that arise (all have been minor, such as a cabinet door replacement, shower head alignment and the odd paint touch up etc.). It should be noted that we had an independent, 3rd party review of the work prior to accepting the home back and no significant issues were identified. Minor corrections to paint and some cabinetry was made and we still turned the home over back to us within 24 hours. We expected more issues and are happy to be wrong on this. For what it is worth, Jay had promised up front that his goal was to not just deliver our renovation but to ensure we were friends at the end of the work. Jay was right. I do consider him a friend and highly recommend his services on whatever project you might have."

    Michael J. Geiger
  • "I'm very happy with the results from Golden Acre Renovations. Jay and his trades guys really know their stuff and were able to provide sound suggestions and advice, which was important to me as this was my first major renovation. Jay was a good project manager and once started, work progressed smoothly and on time and only deviated from budget upon request of extra work. My only 'glitches' came right at the beginning when I had some communication issues with another member of staff, but Jay sorted it out and after he stepped in, things went well. The finished product was great!"

    A. Toogood
  • "I highly recommend Golden Acre Renovation..They handled our renovations in a very professional manner, and were very accommodating to any changes that we had made."

    A. Ternes
  • "Jay took over the renovation of my home after the previous contractor suddenly went out of business. The renovation consisted of refinishing hardwood floors on both levels, a complete revamp of the kitchen, two new bathrooms, new paint, interior trim, doors, etc. Golden Acres took over just after the demolition stage and Jay provided a lot of good advice and design tips to help fill in the blanks where design details were not yet finalized. A big factor in choosing any contractor is the quality of the subs that they use. The people Jay works with are excellent. I regularly get compliments on the finishing of my home, particularly the floor and tile work. Jay and his people were always professional and courteous. Pricing was quoted ahead of time in detail and there were no surprises when the bill came. He helped turn around what had started out as a disaster and I would have no reservations about recommending Golden Acres to others."

    M. MacEachern
  • "I guess we took a risk in hiring Jay because we knew almost nothing about him, nor about Golden Acre, beforehand. We chose him to do our kitchen and laundry room renovation just based on meeting him at the Calgary Home Show. Well, we got lucky. In short, we ended up with a gorgeous, professional new kitchen virtually on time and on budget. No disappointments. No conflicts. No cost overruns. No delays. No corners cut. We couldn't be happier. Jay knows his business. I was impressed with how he coordinated his sub-trades so well. They were all highly-skilled craftsmen who did excellent work and were good, trustworthy people who were a pleasure to have working in our home. I also appreciated that Jay's experience allowed him to recommend options when we were not sure exactly what we wanted, often giving us the opportunity to save money. Jay seems to have great relationships with suppliers such as the cabinet and granite people, so he was able to seamlessly schedule them in. The job progressed right according to schedule and there were hardly more than a few days when no one was at the house working - no big gaps with no progress while he worked other jobs. This was our second renovation, so we are not new to this, yet as hard as I try to come up with even one small complaint about this job, I can't do it. My recommendation is that if you choose this company you're very likely to be completely satisfied with the job when all is said and done."

    Gary Paukert
  • "I highly recommend Golden Acre Renovations for their manner in which they handled our renovations. Jay and his team were very approachable and efficient to any changes that were requested."

    Alice Ternes
  • "My renovation project started with a water pipe break. Most of the damage was in the garage but I decided to add the renovations. I replaced my fireplace, put in new carpet, took out the jet tub(my new air tub is so much better), tiled the bathroom and front entrance repainted all the rooms and replaced door hardware.When I went to pick out products from Jay's suppliers they told me Jay was a good man. They were talking about his integrity and honesty. I found Jay to be dedicated to my project to get the work completed with good workmanship. He told me he could put in a niche on the bathroom wall. Love it! Jay 's subcontractors were a reflection of Jay .... respectful, paid attention to details and had ethical work morals. When all was done, I gave Jay a big hug (is that allowed?) for all the work he put into my project. He earned it!"

  • "Jay is an honest, ethical contractor who provided accurate estimates and consulted with the homeowner when unexpected contingencies arose. Jay is a good communicator, always answered his phone and was pleasant to deal with. No detail was too small for him to deal with. Jay was very respectful of our home environment – we lived in our home during the renovation! I would recommend Jay to others seeking home renovation services."

    Steve Cripps
  • "When we decided to add a deck to our home, we were completely overwhelmed. Talking to various contractors left us confused and we really weren’t sure which, if any, we could trust. The offers varied wildly in price and no one could really assure us of what the end result would look like. When we contacted Golden Acre Renovations, everything changed. Jay and his staff asked what we wanted! We were guided through the process of developing a strong concept of what we wanted, and how to get there. They made an effort to keep us involved and make sure we were getting exactly what we wanted. We would greatly recommend Golden Acre Renovations to anyone!"

    Chad & Betty Ashbury
  • "Golden Acre Renovations was the general contractor for our home renovations 3 years ago. They ensured that all sub trades were up to par and informed about what had to be done and when it had to be completed."

    Larry & Karen Bruch
  • "We were so excited to have a baby on the way, and like many first time parents, we dived into preparing for the baby. We decided to convert a spare room for the baby, how hard could it be, right? Turned out to be a rather frustrating experience. Renovating and childproofing the room turned out to be a nightmare. We kept getting different quotes, and oftentimes cryptic explanations of expenses relating to childproofing. We really felt like we couldn’t trust anyone. Then we contacted Jay at Golden Acre Renovations and he walked my wife through the whole process. We ended up getting exactly what we wanted, on time, with no mystery, and at a decent price. We’ve recommended Golden Acre Renovations to all our friends."

    William & Samantha Pierce
  • "Last year our home started to show serious signs of wear. The paint was peeling and the roof needed work that we had been putting off. It seemed like an awfully big job, and we weren’t sure where to start. We started by contacting roofing and painting companies, but it felt like too much to have two different companies coming in and working at once. After a bit of asking around amongst our neighbors and friends, someone suggested calling Golden Acre Renovations. The staff was very helpful and kind, and we were happy to only have to deal with one company to get both jobs done. The whole process of working with Golden Acre Renovations was so painless and comfortable, that we ended up also doing some new windows with them. We recommend Golden Acre Renovations to anyone needing work on their home."

    Ray & Kelly Henderson
  • "When my parents decided to move, they asked me to help with selling their home. The problem was the house was showing its age. After showing the house to a few people and having no luck, the realtor suggested some repairs and upgrades would make the home more attractive, and improve the resale value. After contacting a few contractors and getting some wild quotes, I stumbled across Golden Acre Renovations in the phone book. I gave them a call Jay was very helpful. After meeting and explaining the situation, we worked out an action plan that worked for my parents so well, that they ended up deciding to not move! They love their home all over again thanks to Golden Acre Renovations."

    Perry Whitbury
  • "My wife and I built our home 14 years ago, after years of saving. It turned out to be a bit more expensive than we anticipated, so we had to cut some things out, but it was ours and we were very excited. Two years ago, we decided to start working on some of those dream items we had to cut out. We wanted to add a fireplace, pave the driveway, add some bay windows and renovate the basement, but we really weren’t sure how to get it all done, or how much it would cost. One of my wife’s co-workers suggested we talk to Golden Acre Renovations, who had done his floors. The people at Golden Acre Renovations were extremely helpful and helped us come up with a plan that allowed us to work towards all the upgrades we wanted over the last couple of years. We now have the home we always dreamed of, and we have Jay and his team to thank."

    Hiya & Matisha Reddy
  • "Last year I purchased some property with the intent of renting it out. The house was in pretty good shape except for the floors and the roof. My brother is a roofer, so the two of us were able to knock that out fairly easily, but neither of us was too certain about doing the floors. The job seemed a bit too big for the two of us, plus we weren’t quite certain how to do each room. Golden Acre Renovations helped me design a layout for replacing the carpets in the bedrooms, cleaning up the hardwood flooring in the living room, and redoing the linoleum in the kitchen and dining room. Not only did they help me pick out a set up that looked nice, but they guided me the entire way and answered all my questions. I’m looking to purchase another rental property, and I’ll definitely be going to Jay and Golden Acre Renovations for any help."

    Mike B
  • "Our kitchen had started to wear out. The cabinets had seen better days, the floor was scuffed, and I’d never really liked the counter tops that came with the house. We contacted Jay to talk about renovating our kitchen and he was very helpful. Not only did we get the floor redone and new cabinets, but Jay’s staff also assisted us with expanding our counter space and installing granite tops. Our kitchen has never looked so great, and we are very thankful for the assistance of the nice people at Golden Acre Renovations!"

    Marilyn Gelf
  • "When my mother came to live with my wife and me, things got a bit cramped in our home. We had been talking about making an addition to the home for years, but now it became a necessity. We talked to several contractors who made the whole process sound very complicated, and they couldn’t give us very reliable estimates. Our next-door neighbor had some deck work done with a company and I asked if he recommended them. He did, so the next day I gave Golden Acre a call. The staff made things very easy to understand and were patient with our many questions. We were able to get the whole process done and my mother is now very comfortable in her new room. I would recommend Golden Acre Renovations to anyone."

    Tim S
  • "We were quite happy when we bought our home. It had everything we wanted, including a fireplace, which is something my husband and I both wanted very much. It was very disheartening after moving in, to find that the fireplace interior wasn’t in the best shape and may not be completely safe. I called a few places before deciding on Golden Acre Renovation because they seemed very friendly and open to questions. After meeting Jay, we were able to come to a deal to renovate the fireplace and make sure it was safe."

    Melinda Daye
  • "Our basement flooded two years ago, with no long-term damage, but everything in it was destroyed. We had always hated the dirty looking brown carpet down there, and the concrete looking walls. We had to replace the carpet anyway so we decided to go ahead and just spruce it up a bit. Golden Acre Renovations helped us pick out a nice shag carpet, paint the walls and even add some cabinets. Now we actually use our basement as a playroom for the kids, rather than simply storing boxes down there. I’ve told all my friends about the great work Jay and his staff did for us."

    Susan & Henry Vermelli
  • "Having seen the great job Jay and his crew did on our son’s home, we hired him to update our own. Jay handled everything: kitchen counter tops, bathroom renovations, a beautiful new custom entertainment unit, carpets, complete repainting, and trim. Our house looks new again! Purely by coincidence, we realized part way through the renovations that there was a leak in the roof that had ruined some of the insulation, and Jay handled all those repairs as well. All the work was done on time and on budget. We’d definitely give a positive recommendation for Golden Acre Renovations."

    Deborah Hunter & Taras Dziuba
  • "In the spring of 2013, I sought out a renovation company that could help me with a very large renovation job in Chestermere, Alberta including the kitchen, floors, plumbing, and the en-suite bathroom. I went to the annual Home and Garden Show in Calgary and approached about 7 different companies and individuals who advertised renovation contracting and services. After leaving my name and phone number with 7 potential renovation contractors, only 4 called me to make an appointment to look at the job and to assess the required materials and trades that would be involved. Out of those contacts, only 4 that called me and only 2 renovators actually showed up for the scheduled appointment to give me a quotation. Golden Acre Renovations was at approximately the same cost as the other company but Jay Doty had an edge because he promised that his company would finish the renovations completed by the time period allowed. The competitor told me that he could not promise that the job would be done on time. Jay at Golden Acre Renovations worked many hours getting all the qualified trades people and companies lined up to do the complete job. This was not a small renovation as the total budget was more than $200,000. The trades involved were flooring installers, plumbers, electricians, drywall installers, cabinet Installers and others. I can truly say that Jay Doty did an excellent job every day. He ran into many unexpected problems, which most renovation jobs will present after the quotation has been made. Jay did everything in his power to keep the project within the budget and on time. I can really say that Jay took on a personal dedication to the renovation project and he immersed himself completely into the job until it was complete. The project turned out on schedule and on the budget. I would recommend Jay Doty and his experienced team at Golden Acre Renovations to anyone who has a small job or a big renovation job to do. I believe that Jay is very honest and true to his word. The house I renovated in Chestermere with Golden Acre Renovations is a great example of the work that Jay Doty did and the new owners will be very happy with the results. The kitchen now has a wide open concept and the new Granite countertops and tiled heated floor with contrasting hardwood floors throughout the house are really modern and a very nice living space to enjoy. The new en-suite bathroom has the latest jetted tub, bidet toilet and rainforest shower with 10 mm glass and is really comfortable. Thank you, Jay, for your dedication and your honest approach to your job."

    Edward Friesen

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