Tips to Finding a Calgary Renovation Contractor

Tips to Finding a Calgary Renovation Contractor

Do you have a few renovations planned for your property soon? Do you have a budget for the renovations ready? Do you have a few ideas regarding the sort of work you want to do? If the answer to these questions is a resounding “yes”, then you should start looking for a renovation contractor.

Before delving deeper to help you select the best contractor for the renovations, it would be good to understand a few things first. For example, choose a contractor cautiously. Don’t jump into hiring the first one you find. Be ready to conduct a bit of research to come up with a shortlist. After selecting a contractor, be willing to trust them completely.

With that out of the way, you should now read these tips to help you choose well.

Ask the Contractor for a Valid License

Any Calgary renovation contractor you wish to hire must possess a valid business license. The law requires the contractors to renew licenses that have expired. A valid license is proof that the contractor has met all the requirements the authorities have put in place. A business license is an essential requirement for any contractor who wants to renovate and/or build homes.

Have Everything in Writing

Before hiring any contractor, you should ask them to send you estimates, which should be in writing. You don’t need the estimates sent to you verbally. Once you pick a contractor, your next target would be to ask him for a comprehensively written contract. The contract should contain all the relevant business and contract details.

Request the Contractor for References

A good Calgary renovation contractor is never afraid to send you a list of customers he previously worked with. It is not enough for the contractor to equip you with the names of these customers. He should also go out of his way to get you the customers’ contact information. This way, you can contact them and ask for their views on the contractor.

You can select the contractor if the references seem happy with the services they rendered.

Verify the Contractor’s Insurance

Any contractor can claim to be insured. Always ask for proof. Verify the insurance claims to avoid a situation where you end up paying for all damages to property and humans. Yes, you may have to cater for the contractor’s injuries sustained while working for you if he lacks insurance. Liability insurance is essential for renovation contractors!

Check the Property’s Lien

Lastly, always check your property’s lien once the contractor finishes the renovations. Do this before submitting your final payment to the Calgary renovation contractor. Lien is important as it determines whether you can renew mortgage or sell the property. You may have to postpone your plans until you sort issues out with the lien holder.

If you or a loved one is looking for a reputable renovation contractor for your renovation project in Calgary, be sure to contact us at Golden Acre Renovations for your free in-home estimate.


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