Should You Add A Sunroom To Your Home?

Should You Add A Sunroom To Your Home?

Sunrooms are a popular feature in many homes. They allow you to enjoy the beauty of nature, the fresh air, the sound of birds chirping or even the calming look of falling snow all while remaining in a comfortable room that is not outside yet not quite inside, either. Although sunrooms are popular, the question remains: should you add a sunroom to your home?

Let’s take a closer look at why many people choose to add sunrooms to their homes and other considerations you should keep in mind when deciding whether or not a sunroom addition is perfect for your living space.

What Is A Sunroom?

A sunroom is a unique space that is not quite outside–but not quite inside, either. Sunrooms are additional structures which are surrounded by walls with screened openings that allow you to open or close them depending on the weather, season, or simply personal preference. Sunrooms can also be referred to as patio rooms, solariums or–depending on where you live–the cute nickname, “Florida Rooms”. In some ways, a sunroom is like a porch; but unlike a porch, you won’t be exposed to the elements (to say nothing of the bugs!) when you’re sitting and enjoying your sunroom.

Benefits of a Sunroom

There are many benefits to having a sunroom in your home. These benefits include:

  • Having a space with tons of natural lighting which is perfect for reading books, taking naps, indoor photography, doing office work, children’s play spaces or simply relaxation
  • Being able to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature while remaining comfortable inside an enclosed structure, which makes it possible to enjoy the room in hot weather, cold weather, rain, snow and more
  • Avoiding exposure to bugs and other pests, which are often a nuisance when attempting to enjoy nature while sitting on an open porch or in the backyard
  • Having an additional entertaining space which is perfect in spring and summer when you want to increase your entertaining space from your backyard to an indoor location

And much more.

Should I Get a Sunroom?

If the above benefits sound appealing to you—then yes! You should consider adding a sunroom onto your home. One thing you will need to consider is whether or not you want a 3 or 4 season sunroom. A 3 season sunroom is a room that isn’t insulated, doesn’t use thermally insulating glass, and is not heated with an auxiliary heat source, so it’s not meant to be used during the colder seasons. These 3-season sunrooms are less expensive than 4-season sunrooms, so they are ideal if you are on a budget or you live somewhere with a warmer climate that allows you to use it during the wintertime.

A 4-season sunroom will be insulated, have auxiliary heating and otherwise be treated with additional features that allow it to be warm and comfortable during the winter. This option is more expensive, but if you plan to use the room frequently the additional cost is worth it.

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