Great Kitchen Features For Your Renovation

Great Kitchen Features For Your Renovation

If you plan on renovating your kitchen in the future, then you are already no doubt wondering about the many types of kitchen renovations you can choose to reinvent and redesign your kitchen space. Kitchens are an excellent opportunity for renovations because even small changes can give your kitchen a completely new look. Let’s take a closer look at some great kitchen features that will be perfect for your kitchen renovations.

Choosing an interesting backsplash

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Backsplashes aren’t just for catching stray grease anymore—more and more interior designers are using backsplashes as a way to create an engaging kitchen space that stands out in the best way. Backsplashes are the perfect location in the kitchen to add a colourful accent, such as bold colours or unique patterned tiles. You can even complement the backsplash with a stainless steel hood range for added oomph.

Swapping out recessed lighting for pendant lighting

Recessed lighting is still the most popular option you’ll find in kitchens, but pendant lighting is quickly becoming a popular, beloved kitchen trend around the world. one of the best elements of pendant lighting is that it’s so customizable; you can find pendant lights in any size or style, which allows you to have the creative freedom that you can use to express yourself–and your personal taste–in the kitchen. Best of all, adding pendant lighting is a relatively inexpensive kitchen renovation that will totally transform the space for relatively little cost.

Add a rolling kitchen island if you don’t have much space

If your kitchen doesn’t have enough space to install a proper kitchen island in the centre, you’re in luck: the newest kitchen renovation trend has you covered. Rolling kitchen islands are portable islands that can be moved around the kitchen as needed, then locked into place when you want to use them for cutting, preparing food, or even as an impromptu table. Rolling kitchen islands are not very expensive and they can add both functionality and a unique conversational piece to your kitchen.

Replace your old fridge with a smart fridge

It seems like every appliance nowadays is being replaced with a “smart” version, but in the case of your fridge, replacing it can seriously transform your kitchen space in a way you never dreamed about before. Smart fridges can keep track of your groceries, help you plan out meals and shopping lists, and even include cameras so you (and the kids) don’t have to constantly open the fridge to see what’s inside. They will add a much needed touch of modernity and technology to any kitchen.

Magnetic knife strip

The days of huge blocks filled with knives you barely use are over:  you really only need 3-5 good knives in your kitchen, and storing them in a block takes up valuable counter space. Opt instead for a magnetic knife strip that will store your knives cleanly and clearly so you can grab them whenever you need them without fumbling around with a bulky knife block.

If you need more ideas or would like to discuss your kitchen renovation with a high-end and experienced renovation contractor, be sure to give us a shout at Golden Acre Renovations. With over 20 years of experience and know-how, we can help turn your dream kitchen into a reality!

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