Characteristics of a Contemporary Kitchen

Characteristics of a Contemporary Kitchen

What makes a kitchen truly contemporary?

Contemporary kitchens are becoming more and more common as people look towards clean, modern designs to help their homes look bigger, brighter, and cleaner than ever before. If you are interested in having a contemporary kitchen in your home, you’ll need to know the basic tenants of a contemporary kitchen in order to make sure it embodies all of those necessary characteristics which make a kitchen truly “contemporary.”

The following items are the most important characteristics of a contemporary kitchen that you need to know:

Natural Materials

Contemporary kitchens take advantage of simple, natural materials such as stone, solid wood, and quartz materials. You should look for natural materials for your cabinets and countertops in particular, as these are usually focal points of the kitchen. Using natural materials combined with the general color scheme and aesthetic of a contemporary kitchen gives your kitchen a slightly warm look without it being too overwhelming or resulting in the kitchen heading into country style territory.


Flooring in a contemporary kitchen should be clean, have sharp edges and be relatively simple. Straight, flat floor tiles, elongated board tiles and tiles that are free from messy or complicated patterns are all perfect for a contemporary kitchen space. The goal of the floor is not to stand out while complementing the overall color scheme and aesthetic design of the kitchen itself.


Lighting in a kitchen should embody two characteristics: plenty of natural light and, when artificial light is necessary, keep it simple and clean. Contemporary kitchens are all about letting in as much natural light as possible in order to open up the space and give it a clean, inviting feel. Large kitchen window and sliding doors are ideal for letting in natural light. When you are looking for lighting fixtures, choose simple designs that are minimalist in nature—the cleaner the lines of the fixtures, the better.


Plumbing fixtures and cabinet fixtures should ideally be made from polished chrome material. This adds to the contemporary look while contrasting nicely with the natural materials in the kitchen and the overall contemporary color scheme that will be used.


One of the most important elements of a contemporary kitchen is the color scheme. The color scheme will help you determine the types of natural materials you use, the style of your floor tiles, and even what lighting and plumbing fixtures you pick out for your kitchen. Contemporary kitchens do not have to be all white or all grey, contrary to popular belief. The colors used in contemporary kitchens should, however, offer contrast. Medium grey cabinets against white countertops or a red accent wall against white-grey cabinets; the idea behind the color contrast is to add a definite “wow!” factor while still remaining relatively minimalist.

Other Considerations

Finally, a contemporary kitchen must be clutter-free. This means avoiding having tons of décor on the walls or other areas of the kitchen—a few carefully planned items are okay, but don’t overdo it—and taking advantage of cabinet space to hide kitchen clutter.

Now, we know the next question you might be thinking about: “How do I get my contemporary kitchen reno started?”. The answer is pretty straightforward and easy: give our renovation experts a call at Golden Acre Renovations to book your free in-home estimate and to go over the renovation process. Our team will ensure that you are able to utilize all of our years of experience to your advantage to help bring your dream kitchen to life!

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