Benefits of a Walk-In Shower

Benefits of a Walk-in Shower

If you are in the process of renovating your outdated bathroom or you’re building a brand-new one from scratch, you may be wondering whether or not to stick with a traditional tub-and-shower combination or go for a modern walk-in shower. While traditional tubs have their charm, walk-in showers have so many benefits for homeowners and bathroom spaces that you should definitely consider installing a walk-in shower for your new or old bathroom. Let’s take a closer look at 5 of the best benefits of installing a walk-in shower in your bathroom.

Walk-in Showers Have Less Clogging And Water Problems

Tubs are notorious for getting clogged and flooded–which is both frustrating and unsanitary, as old standing water in a tub can be a hotbed for bacteria growth. The primary reason why water can clog-up in a regular tub is the fact that the filled basin doesn’t allow water to quickly and smoothly go down the drain. With a walk-in shower, drainage problems are eliminated when done correctly. Water won’t collect in a walk-in shower, so you won’t have many (if any!) problems with clogs.

Walk-in Showers Are Ideal For Those With Disabilities Or Mobility Troubles

If you have a disability or someone in the household has accessibility issues, walk-in showers are the best way to ensure they can get clean safely and more easily. Walk-in showers can be made wheelchair accessible and they are big enough that you can place items like chairs for people with mobility issues to sit down on while they take a shower.

Walk-in Showers Open Up The Bathroom Space

Most bathrooms aren’t exactly spacious, but if you’re looking to help open up the bathroom space and give it a bigger look, then walk-in showers are a great option. The open design of a walk-in shower will help the room look bigger, more-open, and less cramped overall. To make it look even bigger, opt for lighter colored tiles in the shower.

Walk-in Showers Are Easier To Clean (And More Sanitary!)

Tubs are notorious for mold, mildew, and other unsanitary growths due to the fact that they can be difficult to clean due to the presence of curves, cracks and crevices that require plenty of scrubbing. Walk-in showers are much easier to clean because they don’t contain these frustrating crevices, which means that cleaning them will require less physical exertion and result in a significantly lower chance of mold and mildew growth.

Walk-in Showers Are More Durable

Traditional tubs have all sorts of interior parts, which means they have an inherently higher chance of breaking down. Walk-in showers have fewer parts and are generally more durable than a traditional tub, so they can last with regular wear and tear for years longer than a standard tub set-up. If you want to reduce the chances that you’ll need to get your shower repaired or replaced, then a walk-in shower is the right choice for you.

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