New Kitchen Countertop Materials

New Kitchen Countertop Materials

A modern kitchen needs the right kind of countertop. Choosing the most suitable countertop for your kitchen can be a tedious task. You need plenty of information and experience to choose the best one. That said, the lack of experience should never make you feel incapable of making a good choice.

It’s important to know how to identify the best kitchen countertop materials.

The countertops play a critical role in determining how the kitchen’s design turns out.

A countertop has to be functional, first. It should be durable too. What is more, it should be stain resistant and easy to clean or maintain. It must look beautiful. Here, you may need to prioritize factors such as texture, shades, feel and look. There is nothing wrong in choosing a material that’s a combination of different materials to get the best quality from each one.

Never ignore your budget too when buying the materials.

Below are a few suggestions regarding the best kitchen countertop materials.

Sophisticated Dekton

Dekton is a blend of highly sophisticated raw materials. It is ideal for homes whose owners want the latest glass and porcelain surfaces. It works well for any person who needs high quality work surfaces in the kitchen. In a world full of many new products that might confuse users, Dekton stands out for many reasons, which include:

  1. Perfect centrepiece of any kitchen
  2. Hard to damage
  3. Guarantee from the manufacturer

High-Tech Lapitec

Lapitec, with its bio-care technology is one of the best kitchen countertop materials. The way the material was designed and developed provides a non-porous surface, thus making it easy to clean and harder for bacteria to grow on. It contains Titanium dioxide, which is renowned for its ability to degrade organic matter effectively and fast.

Durable Geoluxe

Geoluxe entered the market as one of the leading materials for kitchen countertops after years of research and development by the manufacturer. Durability and resistance are two of the qualities that make this material to stand out from its competition. It is resistant to frost, heat, scratches and chemicals.

Multipurpose Neolith

Neolith is a massive material. The manufacturer is renowned for making huge countertops that fit in the kitchen nicely. The stone’s use is not limited for kitchen countertops though. It also works very well in bathrooms, shop fittings, and commercial interiors. Its use has also been noted in flooring and exterior cladding.

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