How Long Should A Kitchen Renovation Take?

How Long Should A Kitchen Renovation Take?

If you are planning a kitchen renovation, you must be wondering how long the process will take you. Knowing how long the renovation will take you will not only help you to budget properly, but it will also allow you to make the proper preparations in anticipation of the process.

The honest truth is that the amount of time required for your kitchen renovation to be completed is entirely dependent on the size of the space, the scope, and your expectations. For instance, if your kitchen renovation requires you to:

  • Completely alter the footprint of your kitchen.
  • Changing or adding new electrical fixtures and plumbing.
  • Add stock cabinetry and appliances.
  • Get city permits or board approvals.
  • Using brand new imported custom cabinets.

It is reasonable to expect that your kitchen renovation will take several months because there are many moving parts and several parties that are likely involved in the process. As such, specific aspects may be out of your control. You should plan to be out of a kitchen for about two to six weeks and even months if your project is extensive.

However, if you are simply investing in a kitchen upgrade that involves adding new hardware, updating your faucet and sinks, installing new flooring or replacing cabinet box fronts, then you should expect your project to last for about one or two weeks.

Here are the stages of a kitchen renovation:

Close The Deal First

If you are renovating your kitchen because you have just bought a new property, do not start the planning process until you have closed on the property and the keys have been handed to you.

Look For Estimates

Start looking for estimates as soon as you are ready. Ensure that you look at several reviews and photos of a kitchen renovation contractor’s past projects to determine if they are a good fit for your kitchen renovation.

Pick A Contractor

Once you receive all the bids, you must compare and contrast to get the best offer. The contractor that you settle on will put together a contract that you must review. The contract will contain essential information such as a timeline for the project, a description of the task to be done, as well as the payment stipulations.

Get Permits

If there are permits required, you must ensure everything is in line before the construction process can begin.


The construction process will begin with a demolition that should last a day or two depending on the scope of the project. The next step consists of rerouting your plumbing and electrical and then the city permits will have to be acquired if there are gas lines involved.

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