2018 Kitchen Renovation Trends

Kitchen Renovations

Functionality, efficiency, and comfort are the hallmarks of a good kitchen. This is because the kitchen is easily one of the most important rooms in your home, serving as a sort of command center for your family. Keeping your kitchen stylish is also a must when looking to update your kitchen or give it a complete overhaul. We have put together a few trends you should consider this 2018 as you look to improve the look and functionality of your kitchen when undergoing kitchen renovations.


Traditional and Technological

Imagine maintaining the traditional look of your kitchen while also ensuring it is significantly tech savvy. As you look to remodel your kitchen in 2018, this is a good theme to consider. This theme looks to keep the kitchen’s overall style totally traditional, with nice hoods, copper accents, and pearl draped chandeliers. Dark wooden finishes applied to your cabinetry and other woodworks can also keep the traditional look going. The latest technological appliances can then be integrated into the kitchen for improved functionality.


Small Space Optimization

Customizable wall technology units such as wall ovens are becoming increasingly popular. A simple kitchen island can be used to serve more purposes than before, with storage, cooktops, and sizeable hoods helping make your compact kitchen colorful, attractive and very functional. Keeping your cabinetry uniform in color and style, while going invisible with the ventilation hood is yet another way to make your kitchen appear roomier while putting the little available space to good use.


Simple and Elegant

Proper use of lighting and proper mixture of materials can give your kitchen that appearance of simplistic elegance. A dark gold finishes, for instance, to any part (or appliance) of the kitchen will most definitely stand out in your kitchen design. But this can be softened with a more neutral theme, allowing for the stunning effect of a golden finish without overdoing it. Fur pieces can often be added to glamorous metal pieces to soften the look and feeling of comfort. While simple storage spaces can be converted into attractive areas of interest with proper light fixtures and a transparent glass covering.



2018 has also seen a rise in the design of casual looking kitchens that are easy on the eye. A simple wallpaper that doesn’t carry a striking color which easily fades into the background sets the tone for this kitchen trend. With a light and somewhat airy tone, plenty of counter space, a chef’s range, and a long island, your kitchen can have a feel of a vacation setting. You can extend this casual feeling with accessories that bear neutral colors, with potted plants topping the overall look and feel of the kitchen.

When looking to have a kitchen remodeling or kitchen renovation, you want to consider what setting would appeal the most to your family. You also want to look out for a style that wouldn’t bore you too quickly, one that you will be comfortable with for as long as you remain in that home.

If you are looking to have a proper kitchen renovation to upgrade your kitchen, Golden Acre Renovations can help you identify a kitchen style that makes the most of your available space and improves the general functionality and comfort of your kitchen.

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