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Kitchen Cabinet Renovations

Updating the look of your kitchen for functionality, style and comfort is incomplete without visiting your kitchen cabinetry. The decision on what to do with your cabinets can greatly tilt your budget upwards or downwards, considering that the cost of installing all new cabinets is an expensive one. Refacing or refinishing your cabinets thus offer a decidedly less expensive solution, but it is not always your best option.


Cost Effective Cabinet Renovations

Refacing your cabinet simply involves replacing old door and drawer faces with new ones. With subsequent staining or painting following the replacement to keep colors uniform. Refinishing, on the other hand, involves wearing off the old finish and replacing it with a new one. These less disruptive processes are renowned for their ability to give your kitchen a new look without your having to spend so much. Indeed, refacing can save you as much as 50% in renovation costs.

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Convenient Cabinet Renovations

Considering the ease with which this process is executed, cabinet refacing takes much less time than a full on replacement. You do not have to remove most of your appliances – except your general kitchen renovation demands it – keeping your kitchen functional during the work process.


Quality Cabinet Renovations

While refacing is a great opportunity to make your kitchen appear new, it does not exactly upgrade the quality of your kitchen cabinetry. When looking to renovate your kitchen cabinets, quality is likely a major factor in your decision. If your current kitchen cabinetry is of low quality, replacing them completely makes much more sense.


Kitchen Layout & Structure

The major reason behind any kitchen renovation is to reconfigure the kitchen layout and structure into a more functional arrangement for your needs. Completely replacing your kitchen cabinetry during kitchen cabinet renovations (a small but vital part of your kitchen renovations) is an important part of restructuring the layout of your kitchen.


Kitchen Appliance Upgrades

A complete kitchen remodel allows you upgrade the appliances in your kitchen. Perhaps you feel the time is right to move from your single oven to a double, or from a standalone oven to a wall oven, or even to upgrade your three-burner cooker to an expanded six burner. This will likely require an update to your current kitchen structure which will likely leave your current cabinetry totally out of place.


Kitchen Upgrades

If your kitchen is really old, your kitchen remodel should see you update the kitchen in its entirety. It will be unwise to spend money simply repackaging products that have worn out over the years. Modern cabinets offer innovative solutions which you wouldn’t get with older versions – such as corner drawers, recycling centers, racks, soft close doors, etc., solutions that allow you maximize your space saving in the kitchen.


Matching Your Cabinets To Your Needs

Sometimes, your current cabinet just doesn’t match your current needs even when they are solidly built. You might need deeper cabinets, cabinets with better layouts, or cabinets that offer you much better efficiency and functionality than you can get with your present ones. Starting over seems ideal in such case.

You want to carefully consider your needs before rushing into a decision. Ultimately, your kitchen remodel seeks to improve your kitchen in every aspect, appearance, and efficiency, so you want your renovation choices to reflect that.

Getting ready for a kitchen renovation or kitchen remodel project? Or are you simply considering updating your kitchen cabinetry through custom kitchen cabinet renovations? Go to our project gallery or contact our renovation experts at Golden Acre Renovations to help you get a better idea.

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Kitchen Cabinet Renovations
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