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Home Additions

Home Additions

Thought out home additions, renovations, and extensions can help to create a truly inspired space that is suitable for your needs and your family’s. Adding a home addition can be a way to enhance your home and your lifestyle. The possibilities of home additions services in Calgary are limited only by your by your creativity, imagination, and budget.

That being said, it is essential to understand what you are getting yourself into before agreeing to take part in a home addition project.

Increased Value

One distinct advantage of renovating your house by performing a home addition is that it will add the value of your home. The bigger your home is, the more it will be worth when you do decide to sell it. Be sure to assess whether the cost of the construction will counterbalance the added value. You should also ensure that the home addition adds functionality to your space.

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Types Of Home Additions

There are a number of different types of home additions a homeowner can undertake, a home addition is classified as any physical addition to a home. A home addition is a great way to improve property value and space within a home without relocating. Common types of home additions include room additions, expanded bathrooms, bedroom additions, second level home additions, first floor additions, mudroom home additions, sunroom home additions, garage additions and more. For more information about home additions or to have a home addition on your Calgary home contact Golden Acre Renovations.

Benefits Of Home Additions

Upgrading your home with a home addition has numerous benefits. The obvious benefits are the increased space and property value attributed to the upgrade, but other benefits include; increased luxury, more sunlight, added income, added property value, increased functionality and convenience, control over design, control over budget, and added space for a growing family. To learn more about the benefits of home additions contact us, our team is glad to help you plan and coordinate your home addition project.

Home Addition Permits

Anytime home additions are made, you must get the necessary permit from your municipality. The sanctions ensure that the home additions are completed based on the applicable bylaws and the right safety codes. The permit requirements vary depending on your location, but some areas require both building and development permits. Additional licenses that are also needed include permits for plumbing and gas, electrical systems and ventilation systems.

The cost of each of the permits is dependent on the value of the construction to be completed. If you do not apply for the permits that are needed, you might end up paying costly fines to the city or deter prospective buyers when you have to sell your home.

Zoning Requirements

Various municipalities usually implement zoning bylaws that ensure that the population density is maintained in specific areas. Zoning also helps to separate industrial from commercial areas. You can get a sense of your zoning designation that is assigned to your lot by contacting your municipality. The zoning bylaws will determine the type of construction permit that is needed.  

Assemble a Winning Team

Home additions are significant undertakings that involve the participation of a winning custom renovation team. The endeavor requires tradespeople that specialize in different areas from foundations to roofing. Make sure that you create and manage a winning team that can handle the process correctly.

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Home Additions
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