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Deck Renovations

Deck Renovations

Your deck should be a source of pride, providing you with a quality outdoor living space. Considering the harsh weather conditions your decking materials have to put up with, though, it is no surprise that they wear quickly, easily turning into a major topic of concern.

Deck renovations help you restore your space. How you go about the required renovation – and how big or small the project will be – will depend on a number of different factors. A partial renovation may simply be needed to restore the original luster of the deck which may have worn off due to the passage of time and weather. On the other hand, a structurally compromised and unsound deck may require a major repair or even replacement.

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Deck Inspections

It is important that your deck is first inspected to ensure that the structural integrity of your decking has not been compromised. Through our deck inspections, we will check to make sure that your deck isn’t a liability waiting to happen. Loose nails, rusted or corroded screws and bolts, and loose boards will be on our checklist.

However, our major concern will be with what lies beneath the surface. During our inspections, we will assess your deck joists and connections for stability and security, while also checking the condition of the deck footings. We will also watch out for excess moisture and signs of water damage, decay, or any signs of compromise. Ultimately, a decision will be made on whether a replacement or a renovation will be the best course of action.

Railing Inspections

Your deck railings serve a two-fold purpose. On the one hand, railings serve an aesthetic purpose, bringing a finishing touch to your entire deck structure and design. Likewise, they serve a safety purpose for you and your guests. Traditional wood railings are susceptible to the elements and will be inspected for flaws. Your deck renovation might also include switching from wood railings to the more sturdy aluminum railings, to improve their general lifespan and add some aesthetic touch to your deck.

Deck Renovation and Maintenance

We want your deck space to be just as strong and attractive as you love to see them. To make that happen, we arrange an annual cleaning schedule to prepare your deck for the season and to keep it clean after the winter season. This cleaning arrangement often involves scrubbing away any accumulated winter debris, cleaning the deck yet again in the fall, and cleaning more thoroughly when tough stains appear.

Regular maintenance will help keep your deck in good stead, but it might still require a renovation. Maintaining a wood based deck can prove costly due to the frequency of wear and strong impact of the elements on the material. To escape this conundrum, our renovation team explores the possibility of an upgrade to a vinyl based deck with you. This waterproof material offers better resistance to the weather elements, protects the structure beneath and offers you a variety of options in style and taste.

Our commitment at Golden Acre Renovations is to having your Calgary home and all of its features appealing and attractive, ready at all times for any guest you will be receiving. Our deck renovation services have been designed with that in mind, so contact us and we will be happy to discuss your deck renovation needs. For more information on our renovation services, please visit our renovations page.

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Deck Renovations
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