Types of Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom Renovations

Renovating your bathroom is a one-way ticket to making all of the relevant upgrades and style updates you have been putting away. Even more so, it helps you adapt your bathroom to meet your current needs. A carefully planned bathroom renovation will see you improve your bathroom so that it properly serves you and your family in the years that follow.

However, a bathroom renovation can be a tad confusing on what to introduce, remove, or which changes are essential to improve the functionality and comfort of your bathroom. Consider 5 types of bathroom renovations with a few add-ons or upgrades that could elevate (or not) your bathroom’s aesthetics and functionality.


Adding A Bathtub

A tub is a great addition to your bathroom if you currently have only a shower. While you can enjoy really great baths – hot or cold – subsequently, you also get to improve the resale value of your home. But a tub isn’t always an important upgrade considering the sheer amount of space it consumes. If your bathroom is big enough, it is usually no problem. If it isn’t, consider if this is something you really need (do you love taking baths that often?) and if it will not overly congest your bathroom to the point of watering down its value.


Tackle The Humidity Problem

With all the heat and water floating around your bathroom, there is little wonder as to why it is usually very humid. Consider adding a proper bathroom ventilation or a fan to improve your bathroom ventilation and reduce the humidity trapped in the bathroom. Adding a window, most importantly in the shower, will also go a long way to reduce humidity and rid your bathroom of mold and mildew. Golden Acre Renovations can help you decide the best window and fan to improve the cleanness and comfort of your bathroom.


Bathroom Lighting

With only a small window (or none) present, it is no surprise that bathrooms are usually darker than most rooms, enjoying little access to natural lighting. Improving the lighting of your bathroom can take your remodeling to the next level. Proper lighting is essential not just for its aesthetics but also for the mood it adds to your bath. A bright shower can be fun to use, while dimmed lights add to the joy of your baths.


Upgrade The Toilet Seat

Your bathroom renovation is all about making the most of the available space. Hidden tank toilets are a smart choice for just that purpose. Replacing your current toilet with a hidden tank toilet saves water when you flush, saves valuable space, and fits just right in any bathroom style.


Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom tiling serves two purposes: beauty and safety. It is important that your selected floor and wall tiles carefully combine to serve this purpose. Textured tiles used for floor tiling will keep you from slipping on the wet, soapy floor. Your wall and floor tiling selection should focus on tiles that resist humidity, mold, and are easy to clean.

A bathroom renovation that doesn’t make your bathroom much more efficient, functional and stylish, has not been properly done. Golden Acre Renovations can partner with you as you decide just what type of bathroom renovation and remodeling will be best for your home.

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