Remodeling A Small Bathroom

How to Remodel a Small Bathroom

A small bathroom can be described as one less than 6X8 feet in floor dimensions. It can feel a bit cramped and be a killjoy for those precious moments of quiet solace each day. But it is possible to make a small bathroom feel roomier and more relaxing. A small bathroom is often called a half-bathroom or powder room and doesn’t feature all the amenities of a full-bathroom.

Ideas for Bathroom Renovations

  • Replace the bathtub with a more spacious shower area
  • Installing a modern wall-hung toilet and sink
  • Installing a pre-assembled water resistant glass block window
  • Installing a large mirror

Keep in mind that a bathroom renovation or remodel will likely be a project that will require work on electrical, plumbing, drywall, tiling among other improvements.

Bathroom Renovation Preparations

You will have to shut off all the water to the bathroom. Disconnect the electricity and remove the light fixtures and cap the wires. Remove the toilet and sink, and demolish the bathtub with a sledgehammer. Walls finishes should be removed down to the stud. The drywall and insulation often have to go too.

Install A Glass Block Window

Make a choice between mortar grout and clear silicone joints. Remember that glass blocks come in 8×6 inches and 4×8 inches blocks. For a more attractive finished renovation, encase the glass in custom-built wooden frame.

Fix The Plumbing

All piping should be taken out. Do not reuse or reroute old piping. Frame the new wall that will support the new plumbing lines. Ensure to place the studs such that they are in front of the old ones. The wall behind the toilet should be 43 inches for a 15 inch toilet.

For a bathroom with a concrete floor with the main stack behind the toilet, keep the conventional floor mounted toilet to avoid having to rip out the floor.

Replace The Shower

It is best to go with a solid concrete base shower pan to ensure your bathroom is leak proof. Since most bathtubs are 60 inches long, having a pan of these dimensions avoids having extra floor space. You can make a quieter shower base by pouring mortar before placing the pan.

Tiling & Fixtures

The wall should be tiled before the floor. Make sure to keep the wall tiles 1/8 inches from the glass block.  Grouting should be done on the walls and tiles, and caulking done on the inside corners where the walls meet. Achieve a more even look by using caulking the same color as the grouting.

A wall mounted toilet is preferred as it presents less of a challenge and is easier to clean. There is no base for dirt to gather around. The plumbing requires extra work, but the end result is a cleaner less cramped bathroom space.

Keep in mind that a project of this magnitude is better left to the professionals. Working with a professional renovation contractor can help to keep things within the budget and make sure that the finished bathroom is perfect in every detail. If you are looking for a small bathroom renovation or remodel in Calgary contact Golden Acre Renovations for a consultation.

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