Features Of Modern Bathrooms

Essential Features Of Modern Bathrooms

If you are looking to renovate your bathroom, add value to your house, or make enhancements that can make your bathroom appear more contemporary, then there are some vital features of a modern bathroom that you should consider. Although a bathroom can be one of the most relaxing spots in the house, most homeowners would rather renovate other areas of the house. The kitchen, lounge and the bedroom are always at the forefront of most homeowner’s minds, which means that the bathroom is always the last to renovate.

Since the bathroom offers a sense of pure relaxation, which no other room in the house can provide, it should be considered a priority whenever renovations take place.  Homeowners should make efforts to add some unique luxury components such as a walk-in shower, or heated bathroom mirrors in every modern bathroom.

Individuals looking for a more luxurious feel can also splurge on additional components such as a personal sauna, based on their preferences and budget. When it all comes down to it, however, your choices should be based strictly on your vision and financial capability. If you are redecorating, here are some essential features of modern bathrooms to include:

Walk-in Shower

A walk-in shower must be included in every contemporary bathroom. Walk-in showers are not only more convenient to use, but they increase the aesthetic value of your bathroom. Walk-in showers are ideal if you have a small space because you get to enjoy a luxury feel without the cramped shower experience.

Thermostatic Shower

Regardless of how much space you have to work with, thermostatic showers can add an instant look of luxury to your bathroom. Thermostatic mixer showers will also give you more control when it comes to controlling the temperature of your water.

Heated Bathroom Mirrors

Heated bathroom mirrors are an absolute must for men who love to shave at home. Unlike traditional mirrors that steam up making it hard to shave, heated bathroom mirrors do not. They have a warm pad at the back that heats up just enough to prevent the fog from forming.

LED Tiles & Door Handles

LED tiles are perfect for adding a personal feel to your bathroom. The lights can be used to highlight important features or to add a star like quality to the interior.

Underfloor Heating

Bathrooms are one of the most difficult rooms to keep warm. However, with underfloor heating, you can stay warm in your tranquil space for much longer. Underfloor heating can also improve your utilities and make your house more eco-friendly.

When looking for a professional modern bathroom remodel or renovation, be sure to contact the professionals at Golden Acre Renovations for any of your bathroom renovation questions.

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