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Complete Bathroom Renovations

Complete Bathroom Renovations

It is no secret that a bathroom renovation not only achieves a better-looking bathroom, but also improves your home’s value. Real estate experts say that a bathroom renovation will typically achieve one and half times its investment on the home’s overall value. Complete bathroom renovations are relatively challenging and costly projects, that’s why you should choose what you want to do carefully and plan the project appropriately with the help of experts where needed.

Complete bathroom renovations drastically alter the look of a bathroom. They will involve changing the structure and layout of the bathroom. Some of the works included in these types of renovations are:

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Increasing Bathroom Size

If you need to install a Jacuzzi or a luxurious tub where there was none, you will need to create more space in the bathroom. This is done by removing or relocating walls in the bathroom.

More Lighting & Better Views

Natural lighting in the bathroom can be obtained by installing bigger windows, which will involve removing part of the wall to make way for bigger windows or new windows for better views and energy-efficiency performance upgrades.

Relocating Cabinetry & Fixtures

The cabinetry and other organizational fixtures take up a significant portion of the bathroom’s usable space. Relocating or rearranging means moving other items too, for example, sinks, toilets, tubs and showers.

Relocating Toilets, Tubs & Showers

These bathroom features are relatively challenging to relocate and rearrange because it means relocating the plumbing and drainage lines too. However, when done correctly, more space can be created with better placement in the bathroom.

New Flooring

Replacing flooring material is also extensive work if it includes removing the sub-flooring or adding heated flooring options. If linoleum flooring, for example, is being replaced with tile floors, the appropriate foundation must be laid. Tiles are a popular renovation idea because of their range in colour, decorative patterns, and cost.

Relocating & Adding Electrical Sockets

Relocating and adding electrical outlets can allow usage of more appliances in the bathroom. This involves relocating or installing new electrical lines, which means removal and modifications of the wall to accommodate the new outlet locations.

Installing A Privacy Wall

How is it done?

Complete bathroom renovations are relatively difficult to pull off especially when walls have to be relocated and electrical and plumbing lines rearranged. The best option is to involve a qualified bathroom renovation contractor from the project initiation to the end. A typical complete bathroom renovation process involves the following steps:

•    Initial consultation which includes an on-site visit

•    Designing

•    Reviewing the final proposal and obtaining the required permits

•    Actual building and renovation

•    Evaluation and corrections

•    Finishing

Complete home renovations have the potential to bump up a home’s value significantly when done correctly.

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Complete Bathroom Renovations
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