Bathroom Remodelling Trends

Bathroom Remodel

Not a mere utilitarian space, a bathroom today is an excellent place of luxury and convenience. In fact, it is often the first place your visitors use to judge the home and envy it. It also plays a critical role when pricing your house before reselling it and you certainly need to ensure that the effort is well worth the wait.

Giving your home that “castle” or “kingdom” status is a matter of being in tabs with the latest, greatest bathroom remodeling design ideas and you certainly need a company that knows it best. In Calgary, Alberta, there’s no other supreme Bathroom Renovation contractor than Golden Acre Renovations.

Bathroom Renovations With Golden Acre Renovations

Whether it is adding that technologically marvelous shower, hi-tech twists, two shower heads, a bench or even turning it into a mini spa, we are the right people to do it. We are skilled in giving it a modern, elegant look, universal and extreme makeover design, nature-inspired renovation, high-tech twists, etc.


Bathroom Remodeling Trends

If you live as a couple, then you know for sure that romantic times in the bathroom are the best. There is a lot to be mentioned regarding the latest trends since newer ones are born every day. It could be integrating technology into your homes shower system to atomize the water.

It could also be incorporating themes and remodels that consist of human-made products that mimic rare, natural products into your bathroom. Mostly, it is an infinite list that has some of the following:

Bathroom Spa Renovations

For extra “luxurious relaxation,” convert your bathroom into a spa, after all, it is a popular bathroom remodeling trend. This trend includes a perfectly installed window for natural light, granite or marble lines and a beautiful looking tub. Colored lights strategically placed in there too complete the renovation. You will be getting an incredible private “haven” within your home where nobody bothers you.

Bathroom Shower Renovations

Why struggle with one spray of water with your partner yet you can have two shower heads?

What even makes this trendy and really worth embracing is the selection of shower heads that include magnetic adjustable holders. It suits the two of you, along with your varying heights.

 Decorative Shower Renovations

Shower niches shouldn’t be just ordinary and blatantly unassuming. For beautiful accents tiles that add a focal point to your house’s bathroom and give you another reason to take a shower frequently, just let us know.

Sound System

While relaxing in your bathroom alone or with your other half, some warm, soothing music can quickly take you away. At Golden Acre Renovations, we will include a sound system with a remote control feature and a cabinet for CD or MP3 player.

Smart Shower

A smart shower is a futuristic showerhead that combines traditional forward-thinking technology and water-saving abilities for your bathroom is perfect. You will keep the water bill low while still managing to look glitzy!

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