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To enhance the value of your home and increase its functionality, hire a home renovation expert. As we’ve come to discover at Golden Acre Renovations, remodeling and updating a basement up to an impressive level is no mean feat. Whether your home has an unfinished basement or needs the basement to be updated, certainly you’ll need to hire a basement renovations expert.

Sure, like any other renovation project, finishing a basement is a step-by-step process, but it is until an expert is hired that the project will be properly constructed. Mostly, it is hard to get a home whose basement was designed to be flexible and perhaps be a living space sometime in the future.

Golden Acre Renovations, is a team consisting knowledgeable construction and renovation experts for home renovation projects and basement developments. Renovating basements is part of our professional expertise, and we have handled hundreds of projects all over Calgary. No job is too small or too big for us since we are well-armed with the right skills and personnel to complete any project.


Basement Renovation Tips

To make the most out of any basement renovations project, here are some helpful basement renovations tips.

Tip #1: Assess the Area

By assessing the area, you will have a better understanding of the terrain and how much of your budget would be sufficient. Assessment involves reviewing the whole basement, uncovering any hidden problems or water buildups and damages and later coming up with a list of what should be addressed. You can’t determine the budget without first assessing the area.

Tip #2: Determine the Exits

Building codes need safe exit points during emergencies, especially in bedroom areas. If it is a window, it must be vast enough to allow climbing out, yet not so high above the ground. But the same opening should be excessively huge that it lets in excess light.

Tip #3: Act on the soggy floor

There shouldn’t be any progress unless the moist foundation or slab is dried out completely. If you proceed without leaving the area to dry out, you will ruin the floor later.

Tip #4: Check the Heights

Though it is a basement, its ultimate usefulness as a living space will significantly dwell on the ceiling height. Dig down by pouring new footing below the current ones. Or, relocate the ductwork and waste piping to an inconspicuous area. You contractor knows this better!

Tip #5: Create your Budget

While renovating a basement, a square foot costs $33-50, though it increases typically when a bathroom is part of the equation. However, you should set your budget ahead of the project.

Tip #6: Find and Hire a Contractor

It will only make sense to find someone who has done it like Calgary’s Golden Acre Renovations. Use referrals or do your own research before signing a contract with anyone.

Tip #7: Upgrades and Deadlines

The main reason to do a renovation of your basement is to upgrade it. You must, therefore, know what needs to be included, where the emphasis is required and any extra luxury elements to be added. For us, we often include bathroom, a kitchen, or additional rooms as well as a fireplace, wine cooler, or kegerator.

Tip #8: Inspiration

This is sourced from anywhere, including your passion, the contractor’s opinion, and even your budget. Discover the best ideas for built-ins or shelving units, insulation and energy-saving ideas, budget-saving tips and space-saving tricks. Focus on such aspects as a theme, color and the need for luxury and freedom.

If you are looking to update your basement by renovating it, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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