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Basement Renovation Ideas

Basement Renovation Ideas

The basement is very often a neglected part of the house. This space is easily converted into a poorly organized and mostly unkempt storage room for items that are rarely ever used. However, have you ever considered the possibility of setting up the basement so that it is a functional and efficient space, serving a purpose as a part of the house?

Your basement can indeed serve a variety of purposes. Using a number of features and fixtures you can convert this often neglected space into one for shared family benefits. Wondering how to go about this? If you have decided to get your basement remodeled and renovated, consider a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

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Nothing like a good bar to help you relax after a hard day’s work. Convert your basement into a stylish bar with all of your needs. When completed, this room will provide you with a fitting environment to welcome friends and guests for dinner, have the boys over for some drinking, enjoy a girl’s night or simply share a romantic evening with your partner.


If you are one who loves to keep fit, then you agree that it can come at a cost. Those expensive monthly subscription fees at your preferred sports center can be a drain. With a little investment, you can wipe all of that away. Buy some weights, an exercise bench, elastic bands and an exercise ball. Get a little more sophisticated and add a stationary bike, cables and pulleys, and the like. If you are into yoga, you can also get a yoga mat for good measure.

Complete your home gym with a shelf for towels, a large wall mirror, a small refrigerator, a TV for some workout entertainment, and possibly a mural of motivational phrases and keywords for days when you don’t feel up to the workout.

Home Theatre

Your entire family can benefit from the basement if it is converted into a home theatre equipped with a large screen and adequate lighting and sound fixtures. A home theatre is one of the most popular basement renovations we come across. Watch all of your favorite games and shows on the big screen, while the children can take a break from the day’s activities to see a movie in a cinema-like environment.

Games Room

Your decision to convert this space into a games room will leave you with a little dilemma. Are you looking at a games room for kids or for adults? Or is it something of a merger with utilities for both age grades available? Younger kids will benefit from an organized play area with a clear storage space dedicated to game boards and toys. If your children are in their teenage years, a multifunctional room with a video game system, pool table, dart board, or bowling alley can provide entertainment for both you and your kids (with respective friends).

Wine Cellar

Talk about saving the best for last. Any lover of good wine will appreciate a conducive wine cellar where you can not only store your favorite wines, but also consume them. Create the right atmosphere with proper seating arrangements, and install a wine rack with a mini bar – depending on available space – for good measure.

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Basement Renovation Ideas
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