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Basement Remodelling

Basement Remodelling

Are you tired of the same old basement you’ve had for the past 10 years? Want to change the overall look? Then Gloden Acar Renovations is your one-stop shop for all your basement remodelling needs. Golden Acar is here to help add any new aspect to your basement so it will be customized and truly one of a kind.


Factors to Consider When Remodeling Your Basement

The basement is an often neglected area of the home. In reality, though, the basement can be a valuable extension of your property. This space can easily be upgraded and remodeled into an inviting living room for relaxation and entertainment.

For those who have had their basement remodeled, they find that it is a valuable investment that leads to an increase in home equity. Besides simply increasing the size of your home, offering more valuable space for comfort, it also leads to a vast increase in the resale value of your home.

Considering remodeling your basement? You will have a variety of options to consider when you begin. Your basement can easily be converted into a “man cave,” “woman cave,” office area, family room, entertainment room, exercise room, playroom, an additional basement suit, etc. This makes it important that you give careful thought to your plans before remodeling your basement. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you begin.

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A carefully remodeled basement can strike the right balance between aesthetics and functionality. To be fair, a basement work-over will put a hole in your pocket, but you can always work with the contractor to keep the basement simple, attractive, and flexible – adaptable to different uses. A few built-in shelves can help you maximize space as you keep it simple, inexpensive, yet attractive.


Consider its usage

It has earlier been noted that your basement can be put to a variety of uses. Even then, it is not fit for just any usage. Your work-over will largely depend on what you wish to use this room for. Quiet and dark as it may be, it is always a good place for a movie or a game room. But it can also be converted into living quarters or a guest bedroom if you don’t already have one.


Moisture is a no

Once you decide to convert your basement from a mere storage space to a useful part of the home, you must consider just how much moisture is available in that part of your home. Too much moisture will disqualify the basement from any significant usage. On the other hand, little moisture can be treated by elevating your flooring, sealing all cracks with caulking and using a water-lock paint to waterproof your basement walls.


Keep the temperature just right

With the basement located under, it has a tendency to remain cold at all times, getting increasingly terrible as the winter draws closer. For those who have sited the furnace for the home right in the basement, the basement can easily warm up during the winter months. Otherwise, you want to tap into your HVAC connection to ensure your basement’s temperature is just right as you begin using it for other purposes.


Match it all up

It is easy to consider your basement in isolation of the rest of your home. That can easily make your remodeled basement feel like an alien against the rest of the home. When remodeling your basement, it is important that you keep the flow going by considering the general style and theme of your home; so that persons can feel comfortable in this new space.

With every consideration carefully sorted out, it is now time to contact us at Green Acre Renovations for your basement remodeling. We can also help out if you are unsure what to do in particular cases.

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Basement Remodelling
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