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Calgary Basement Development Permits

Calgary Basement Development Permits

Building regulations in Alberta require that you obtain a permit whenever you intend to make changes to a building’s structure, including works in a basement. What you need to remember is that it is the building owner’s responsibility to ensure that work on the building is done in a safe and correct manner, and not that of the building contractor. Many people fall victim to the consequences of not having permits for lack of information on these permits. This is what you need to know about Calgary basement development permits when working in a basement.

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Building permits vs. development permit

A building permit is meant to address issues on the integrity of a structure. This permit is required when repairing, altering, erecting, demolishing and relocating a structure. It is also required when changing the use or occupancy of a structure.

A development permit is required for a new structure, or when doing changes in use or extension to an existing structure. This permit is meant to address issues of compatibility with existing planning by-laws, planning, land use and image.

Development permits are meant to ensure that development meet approved area planning, engineering requirements, and appropriate environmental policies. Some of the factors it looks at include site development, area population density, landscaping, streetscape, parking, and transportation.

Here are some instances when Calgary basement development permits are needed:

•    Altering the basement to build basement suites

•    Alterations that are in the floodway of within 6 meters of the floodway

•    Putting up an exterior projection that places obstruction in a free and clear yard

•    When building an addition to the basement

•    When putting up a structure that is not recognized in the Land use bylaw.

Is it the only permit required?

The development permit is often required alongside other permits depending on the work being done. If an extension to the basement is being put up, it will most likely touch the electrical, plumbing, gas and HVAC lines.  These will require separate permits.

How long does it take?

Development permits for typical family residential buildings are processed within 21 calendar days, provided all required documentation is provided. For larger projects, the permit is issued within 56 calendar days.

Can the application be refused?

A permit will be refused if the applicant submits incomplete documentation, does not pay the fees required, or does not respond to different queries on time. However, it is always possible to appeal by providing the information or fees required.

Where is the application done?

The application should be submitted to:

The City of Calgary, Planning Services Centre

Third Floor, Calgary Municipal Building

800 Macleod Tr. S.E.

Calgary, Alberta T2P 2M5

If you’re overwhelmed or don’t know where to start, Golden Acre Renovations is here for you to help with the application of a basement development permit with the city of Calgary. Not only do we help with the process, we also can perform all of the work! Contact us today and get started on your project with Golden Acre.

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Calgary Basement Development Permits
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