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Basement Development Renovation Ideas

Basement Development Renovation Ideas

Are you looking to make your basement more functional? Indeed, there are several great basement development ideas you can try other than looking at it as only storage space. Most homeowners do not maximize the potential of the basement as a living space, perhaps rightly, because of the challenges involved in making the basement more than bare concrete floors and unfinished ceilings and walls.

There are some considerations that can help you decide how to put your basement to better use and increase the value and functionality of your home.

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Are there leaks or excessive moisture problems in the basement? You must fix the moisture problems before finishing the basement further. Otherwise, excessive moisture can damage paint and wooden fixtures, ultimately resulting in mold issues that can become very expensive.

Heating And Cooling

Are there provisions for a heating and cooling system? This means ductwork for the HVAC system. If the provisions have not been put in place, you will be forced to install a supplementary system. You can engage a heating and cooling contractor to assess the provisions in place and the capacity of the heating and cooling system for it’s intended use.

Ceiling Height

The building code requires minimum ceiling height to be 6 feet and 11 inches. If the ceiling does not have drywall, it means the finished ceiling will be at a lower height than originally measured.

Radon Contamination

Radon is a colourless and odourless radioactive gas that is found naturally in the earth. Unhealthy levels of radon exposure has been found to be a leading cause of cancer. Underground basements in prairie provinces such as Alberta are more at risk of radon infiltration than most provinces in Canada. The levels of this gas should be checked so as to put in place the necessary control measures.

Basement Development Ideas

After assessing the above factors, you can decide if the basement is more suitable as a secondary suite, or an additional functional space in the house, for example, a gym or entertainment room. Here are some great basement development ideas you can consider:

•    Secondary Suite –  A big basement can be converted into a self-contained living area complete with a kitchen, bedrooms, and bathroom. This is very practical for a large family, or as an additional income generating idea.

•    Media Centre – A basement makes a great media room especially if it is underground because the surrounding earth creates natural soundproofing. A home theatre system with surround sound can be hooked up to a projector, large screen television, game console, and a few comfy couches for marathon entertainment sessions or a family movie night.

It is also a great space for a music studio, home office, or art centre because there are fewer distractions, unlike other areas in the home that have more traffic such as the rooms close to the kitchen area.

•    Gym – Unlike rooms at the ground or higher level, the noise made by clanking gym equipment or motivation shouts will stay in the basement.

A basement is a very versatile space that can be put to a variety of uses. There are great basement development ideas to try if you want to. Contact us at Golden Acre Renovations to learn how to turn your basement development ideas into a renovation reality.

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Basement Development Renovation Ideas
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