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Bathroom Renovations Calgary

When it comes to home improvement projects we usually don’t think of the bathroom or shower, but there is a wide range of options to make even your en suite bathroom look luxurious. We can offer bathroom installations, changes to floors, fixtures and cabinets. We got you covered from A to Z at our bathroom store. Luxury bathroom renovations and bathroom makeovers can be tricky, but as renovation contractors we are great at making complex projects almost seamless for our clients.

Calgary Bathroom Renovations

Here at Golden Acre Renovations Calgary we have an excellent team of highly qualified professionals that can even help you from conceiving the remodeling idea to making this idea a reality in your own home. We can help you pick the perfect combination of bathroom furniture from cabinets, counters, commodes and sink, giving an overall look that combines perfectly with the ambiance you want to give the whole room.

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My renovation project started with a water pipe break. Most of the damage was in the garage but I decided to add the renovations . I replaced my fireplace, put in new carpet, took out the jet tub(my new air tub is so much better), tiled the bathroom and front entrance, repainted all the rooms


Jay is an honest, ethical contractor who provided accurate estimates and consulted with the homeowner when unexpected contingencies arose. Jay is a good communicator, always answered his phone and was pleasant to deal with. No detail was too small for him to deal with.


When we decided to add a deck to our home, we were completely overwhelmed. Talking to various contractors left us confused and we really weren’t sure which, if any, we could trust. The offers varied wildly in price and no one could really assure us of what the end result would look like. When we contacted Golden Acre Renovations, everything changed. Jay and his staff asked what we wanted! We were guided through the process of developing a strong concept of what we wanted, and how to get there. They made an effort to keep us involved and make sure we were getting exactly what we wanted. We would greatly recommend Golden Acre Renovations to anyone!


We were so excited to have a baby on the way, and like many first time parents, we dived into preparing for the baby. We decided to convert a spare room for the baby, how hard could it be, right? Turned out to be a rather frustrating experience. Renovating and childproofing the room turned out to be a nightmare. We kept getting different quotes, and oftentimes cryptic explanations of expenses relating to childproofing. We really felt like we couldn’t trust anyone. Then we contacted Jay at Golden Acre Renovations and he walked my wife through the whole process. We ended up getting exactly what we wanted, on time, with no mystery, and at a decent price. We’ve recommended Golden Acre Renovations to all our friends.


Last year our home started to show serious signs of wear. The paint was peeling and the roof needed work that we had been putting off. It seemed like an awfully big job, and we weren’t sure where to start. We started by contacting roofing and painting companies, but it felt like too much to have two different companies coming in and working at once. After a bit of asking around amongst our neighbors and friends, someone suggested calling Golden Acre Renovations. The staff was very helpful and kind, and we were happy to only have to deal with one company to get both jobs done. The whole process of working with Golden Acre Renovations was so painless and comfortable, that we ended up also doing some new windows with them. We recommend Golden Acre Renovations to anyone needing work on their home.

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