Our company is built on the model of doing it right the first time. We are very approachable and easy to talk with if there are any needs that arise when doing your Calgary Home Renovation. We truly strive to do our best at all times during the whole process. You can count on Golden Acre renovations to be the best choice for your renovation project and feel free to send us an email or give us a call with any questions you might have. If you are located in Calgary, Cochrane, Okotoks, Airdrie or surrounding areas and thinking of doing custom renovations in your home,whether it be kitchen, bathroom, basement or garage? Contact us now. 403-607-5067(Renovations Calgary)

Renovation Contractor Calgary

Renovation Contractor Calgary

Talk to us about your home renovation needs. Golden Acre Renovations is a locally owned company that provides custom and complete home renovations like kitchens, bathrooms, basements and garages in Calgary, Cochrane,Okotoks, Airdrie and surrounding areas.

Golden Acre Renovations has been one of Calgary’s leading renovations specialists for several years. With a BBB rating of A+, our Calgary renovation companies are dedicated to customer satisfaction. We work closely with customers to make sure they are receiving a product they are 100% happy with, because we understand the importance of renovating a home. Renovation is not a task we take lightly. We understand your home is your sanctuary from the world, where you can relax and unwind.

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Our Full Guide to Hiring the Best Home Renovator for You


When renovating your property, the most important decision to make is choosing the right home renovation company that will get your job done well. Of course, there are many primary factors to consider when making this decision. These include the size of the renovation, the style of your home and your budget.We advise that you compile an extensive list of at least 10 renovators through recommendations from friends, online research, and/or home shows. Once you have your list of possible renovators, you can then start narrowing the list down based on prior experience, references and who you BELIEVE can do the work to fit your budget.


Furthermore, there are many important questions that you will need to ask prospective renovators before bringing them on as your project manager. First and foremost, you want to make sure you get as much background information as you can about their company. This means you’ll need to ask some deeply rooted questions including how long the company has been in business, how many employees they have, what their current workload is (this is a form of quality control that ensures your project will be a priority), any bad experience with clients in the past, who they’ve worked with/for in the past and why they are in the business of renovations (this question helps weed out those in it for the money and those who love creating beautiful properties).


Finally, you want to make sure the renovator you ultimately decide will work with you is willing to assert the legalities of this business relationship. Because home renovation is intrinsically a business relationship. The company has to be willing to sign contractual documents that put all aspects of the project into writing; including a detailed description of the work that will be done on the property, project timeline, milestones, payment schedule, and full cost of project. This is ultimately one of the most important pieces of advice because it ensures your protection as a client in case there is any dispute during or after the renovation project is complete.


Also, please be very wary of renovators who want to work for CASH. This usually ends up creating problems for you (the homeowner) because; with no legal protection or paper trail, legal action can’t be taken against the renovator. Although it may appear to be the logical and economical choice, it is a huge risk that will end up costing you big in the long run if the quality of the renovation is poor.


tion Contractor Calgary

Now that You have Our Honest Advice, Look at What Sets Us Apart From other Calgary Based Home Renovations Companies

Home Renovations Calgary

Golden Acre Renovations is a top renovation and refurbishment company based in Calgary, Alberta. Our services cover all of Calgary, Cochrane,Okotoks, Airdrie and surrounding areas. In partnership with our architects and designers, you too can extend, transform or create your property just how you want it. QUICKLY, EFFICIENTLY and RELIABLY. Our services include, but are not entirely limited to complete home renovations, kitchen renovations and remodeling, decks, home/room additions, garage renovations, sun rooms,bathroom/shower development and basement development.

What Some of Our Clients Have to Say

My renovation project started with a water pipe break. Most of the damage was in the garage but I decided to add the renovations . I replaced my fireplace, put in new carpet, took out the jet tub(my new air tub is so much better), tiled the bathroom and front entrance, repainted all the rooms and replaced door hardware. When I went to pick out products from Jay’s suppliers they told me Jay was a good man. They were talking about his integrity and honesty. I found Jay to be dedicated to my project to get the work completed with good workmanship. He told me he could put in a niche on the bathroom wall. Love it! Jay ‘s subcontractors were a reflection of Jay …. respectful , paid attention to details and had ethical work morals. When all was done, I gave Jay a big hug (is that allowed?) for all the work he put into my project. He earned it!

Velma from Bridgeland, Calgary

I guess we took a risk in hiring Jay because we knew almost nothing about him, nor about Golden Acre, beforehand. We chose him to do our kitchen and laundry room renovation just based on meeting him at the Calgary Home Show. Well, we got lucky. In short, we ended up with a gorgeous, professional new kitchen virtually on time and on budget. No disappointments. No conflicts. No cost overruns. No delays. No corners cut. We couldn’t be happier.

Jay knows his business. I was impressed with how he coordinated his sub-trades so well. They were all highly-skilled craftsmen who did excellent work and were good, trustworthy people who were a pleasure to have working in our home. I also appreciated that Jay’s experience allowed him to recommend options when we were not sure exactly what we wanted, often giving us the opportunity to save money. Jay seems to have great relationships with suppliers such as the cabinet and granite people, so he was able to seamlessly schedule them in. The job progressed right according to schedule and there were hardly more than a few days when no one was at the house working – no big gaps with no progress while he worked other jobs.

This was our second renovation, so we are not new to this, yet as hard as I try to come up with even one small complaint about this job, I can’t do it. My recommendation is that if you choose this company you’re very likely to be completely satisfied with the job when all is said and done.

Gary Paukert


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